Theme Park in the vicinity of Warsaw

Soon we will be able to enjoy entertainment at theme park near Warsaw - in the Municipality of Grodzisk Mazowiecki. Below you can find basic information coming from the project webpage

Facts about AWWThe biggest in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe theme entertainment complex

Construction of the park will take more than 26 monthsThe test phase  is planned for January 2015

Grand opening of the park is expected in  May 2015

The first phase of investment (complex Adventure World Warsaw Parks & Resort) and the second phase will occupy a total area of about 230 hectares

It is only 30 minutes away from Warsaw

More than 50 different types of theme park attractions, including 24 rides and roller coasters

2 unique themed hotels with over 630 rooms and conference area

5 adventure lands full of attractions at the highest level, as well as special events, spectacles and restaurants, created according to the 

 original concept specifically for the Adventure World Warsaw

Poland's largest Indoor Water Park

2 Lands of the Theme Park and Water Park will be open throughout the year

Among the attractions in the theme park you will find for exciting experience roller coasters, water attractions, rides and special


The value of the investment is 620 millioneuro, or 2.5 billion dollars

The park will employ more than 3,000 people itself, and the investment will contribute significantly to the economic development and the

creation of additional thousands of workplaces in enterprises, which will be established to service the park

To date, more than 75 million euros has been spent on the project(= about 315 million PLN)

According to investor’s estimates, in the first year of the park operations  will attract over 2.6 million visitors. Footfall is expected to  

increase  at the level of 3% between the second and the fifth year of operation for the park