How to choose a good agent ?


If you are a property owner and would like to sell it advantageously, we propose to start by selecting a good broker.

What are the characteristics of a good agency?


1.      Knowledge about the market.It is worth to choose a local office that knows its area well and persuasively presents - only to those who can be interested -its advantageous. We often hear that the offers which are promoted by the agencies that are " far away" from the property, are rarely presented.


2.       Office recognition in its operation. Customers often direct their steps to the office that stands out in a given location.


3.       Respectful office seriously approaching its assignemt on the basis of an agency contract. We assure you that agent who is not binded by brokerage contract working on a deal, , is a fiction. Do not let you take on.


4.       The contract should be understandable to the client. If there are any doubts, the broker should be able to explain them, and if necessary - alter  the content of the agreement in such way as to be acceptable by the customer. Any penalty, payment prior to the sale, payment in the event of cancellation of the transaction are not permitted.


5.       Office is required to check the legal status of the real estate, which means that it must refer to the documentation and consider whether it is consistent and properly reflects the actual situation. The intermediary shall make a tender dossier containing all relevant documents and information for buyers. On this basis, the broker offering property to the interested party is able to provide all the necessary information, and the buyer perceives the broker as a competent and prepared for the presentation.


6.       Before offering the real estate, office is obligatd to check the factual state of the property. Accepting offers only based on images sent by the owner is a misunderstanding. Customers looking for property must have confidence in  our knowledge of subject property. Otherwise, it could lead to unnecessary confusion.


7.       An experienced broker does not promise the moonKnowing the realities of the market, he will tell you what can be done to make the sale of your property highly probable, but does not say that he "will certainly sell" without supporting his statement with the specific arguments. In today's tough market, you need an active approach to sales. The insert the next offer to the internet will contribute very little.


8.       Despite all the hype around the abolition of trade license, we encourage you to use the services of agents, who are supervised by a licensed broker. Please believe us that a completely different approach to the security of the transaction will have a person who is responsible professionally for malpractice.


9.      Broker’s office is required to have civil liability insurance.


10.    It is important thatone broker is responsible your offer, who knows it and is able to present it to interested parties in a professional and honest manner. high turnover in the office, it drastically reduces the chance of selling your property.


It is worth to take a moment to choose a good property brokerage firms.

 It is good to meet with the selected broker and talk about his practices..

Good luck with your decision!