Why it is better to sell the property through a broker than yourself?

Can you think of the reasons why we go to a cobbler with the shoes, with the teeth to the dentist, and accounting documents to the accountant office? It is clear that we entrust our affairs to specialists.

Real estate sales for many of us are an unusual transactions are connected with assets of significant value. So let's do everything that it has been carried out safely and makes the most for us.

Why the chances of sale are much greater if we use the services of an intermediary?

1.      Currently on the market there is a huge amount of bids, from which it is difficult to break. This is not only the number of properties put for sale, but most of all by the fact that the offers are often perpetuated by the real estate and advertising portals. Customers often are put off search  for on the Internet. It's a waste of time for them. So they report directly to the agency to get the offers suited to their needs.

2.       Some property owners say that the offer is less affordable if the broker will charge a Commission. We assure you that most buyers do not perceive it that way. They focus more attention on whether the agency gets a commission from the buyer. If there is no charge - they use agent’s services because they know how much time and stress it can save them.

3.      Sometimes brokers sell the property, for which there are no general enquiries. How does this happen? Customers typically call to ask about the offer with the lowest prices. Often, these offers do not meet their expectations. A good broker "keep customer in his hand." He has several properties that meet his criteria most closely. This way, the client is watching properties which he would never ask aboutlooking at classifieds.

Why selling through an intermediary we get a better deal?

1.      When we are talking about our own issues, we are not having much distance to it. This means that we do not make optimal decisions because we are guided by emotion rather than reason. It is natural. Therefore, it is important that we have on our side a person who can offer advice and assistance, and most importantly - who has necessary qualification

2.      Broker every day dealing with real estate transactions has the experience and knowledge appropriate to ensure all relevant conditions important to the  property owner are met and safe and beneficial transaction is conducted. Remember that selling real estate is not just about the price. There are many other matters that need to be thought to avoid the hassle.

3.      Buyers usually have more aggressive negotiation techniques when they talk directly with the seller. The fact that the  broker is involved reduces the tension between the parties. Without that part of the transaction would  not be finanlized. In addition, the broker knowing the reality of the market and having access to data on transactions knows what price you can negotiate.

The best proof that you should use the services of good intermediaries is that our customers recommend us to others.

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