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We provide comprehensive transactional support related to real estate. We will guide you through the entire process - from deciding to finalizing the transaction. We provide a friendly, reliable and professional service at a high level. We have personalized approach to every client, because each of you has different expectations and needs. Our work is performed with great commitment, which translates into efficiency. We are satisfied that in these difficult times, we successfully carry out transactions, and our customers recommend us to others. We take seriously every commitment and work hard on the offers what makes us effective. Our clients who search for property appreciate our comprehensive and tailored services.

We operate on the basis of professional license of Real Estate Broker No. 12322. Our services are covered by insurance coverage - business activity is insured against civil liability.

We are a team who is orientated on constant development and broadening their knowledge therefore we continuously participate in many seminars, conferences

In our daily work we follow the rules of law and Professional Standards.

We are a member of the Warsaw Association of Realtors and the Polish Real Estate Federation.

We cooperate with the most popular advertisement portals, therefore our deals are promoted effectively.

We also use variety of  marketing tools, individually tailored to the specific offers.

Exclusive offers are presented in the MLS system which makes getting into real estate offices throughout Poland.

We can help you to secure financing to purchase property.

We operate mainly in the Western District of Warsaw, however wecarry out transactions in other areas as well. We are recognizable in our area.

Numerous customers looking to buy property refer to us in belief that we can provide most comprehensive offer, we are very pleased to hear that. We will continue to provide highest quality service and make sure not to undermine your trust at all times.


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Why us?

1.      We know the area in which we operate.

2.      We are the most recognized real estate firm in the area.

3.      We fulfill individual orders from investors.

4.      We use modern forms of promotion and we are looking for solutions tailored to the specific case.

5.      We invest in our company and are committed to constantly improve the quality of services.

6.      We sensibly position our offers taking into account situation in the market