The most profitable form of investment according to Poles[1]:


1. Real Estate - 44.9% of Poles believe it to be the most profitable form of investment,

2. Gold - shows 13.4% of respondents,

3. Investment funds - select .5,1% of respondents.


Let's look at the numbers


For properties let's choose as an indicator price change of agricultural land in the years 1992-2011

Please note that even in times of crisis, land prices do not fall.


Source: ANR

Cena za 1 ha ziemi rolnej - Price per 1 ha of agricultural land

The prices of gold in 1993-2012. As you can see, the prices of gold dynamically react to the economic situation in the world.




Ceny 1 uncji złota w PLN od 1993-01-01 do teraz (4971 notowań) - Prices per ounce of gold in PLN from 1993-01-01 to now (4971 quotations)

For investment funds based on instruments quoted on the stock exchange the index, which can be seen also on the space such a long period is a WIG. You surely remember what happened with funds during the falls on WSE.



So the old saying that the land never loses its value is always up to date.


Property prices are based on the economic turbulence better than gold or instruments traded on the Stock Exchange.

Of course it is true that the gold or securities in a short period of time, you can earn very much, but you have to accept a high level of risk. You can, in fact, earn a lot of money, but a lot to lose, too.


Over the past four years the value of gold has increased by several hundred percent, and the number is impressive. Increasingly, however, hear the opinion that the sudden increase is the speculation bubble and the situation can be reversed quite rapidly.

The recent crisis has painfully demonstrated that investing in the stock market is loaded with considerable risk Stock indices lost value after several tens of percent.


Investing in real estate is the most reliable form of reinvesting the cash.


There are other arguments for it to invest in real estate:

1. You can select a form of investment, through which we get the return of capital multiplied after a long period of time, or invest in a property for rent and make profits on a regular basis.

2. Buying a property can be partially or fully funded by bank loans, which increases the possibility of investors.

3. The supply of real estate is limited. You cannot artificially multiply the amount of land available for sale. This ensures the stability of the real estate market.

4. There will always be demand for land smaller or larger. It is not possible to make people able to do without real estate.

5. Real estate is tangible. There are not a virtual record of the account. Do not disappear.

6. Above property is 100% ownership control. Nothing will not work without your knowledge or consent.

7. The investor has an impact on the value of your property. It can make their own decisions and reap the benefits. An example is the change of use of land, renovation of housing, regulating the amount of rent, the rent of land, for example, for advertising purposes. There are many possibilities.

8. The real estate market, nothing happens suddenly. Investors are not surprised with the day-to-day stressful fluctuations in the value of their assets. As it is commonly said "sleep peacefully".


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