Why exclusivity agreement is beneficial for the property owne?


There is a saying:

"If everybody deals with your property, it means that no one deals with it"


We have observed that there is a lot of truth in it.


Toprofitably sell property one should follow three steps:

1.       Choose a good real estate broker (about how to do it we write on our website)

2.       Sign an exclusive contract

3.       Actively cooperate with the broker


By working with the chosen, professional, experienced agent, who knows the market, you gain:


1.       Safety.

Customers commencing operations on their own or with the whole bunch of random intermediaries, often do not realize the dangers to which they are exposed. Nobody controls then who has access to personal data to the premises, to the owner contact of the property. There are unpleasant or even dangerous situations.


2.        Discretion.

This point refers to the previous one. By entrusting your property to one,  trusted intermediary you avoid situation when unauthorized persons (including neighbors) have knowledge of your financial standing.


3.       The widespread availability of the offers for potential candidates.

With exclusivity, broker can freely present the property without hiding information about its location. This increases the chance to bid for potential buyers. Restricting the availability of offers will sometimes suppress it by looking.


4.       The professional image of the offer.

Entrusting presentation offers to the many intermediaries (in addition not proven) you take the risk that it will be presented in an unprofessional manner and will be repeatedly reproduced in the media. It's very discouraging for potential buyer. By working with an experienced, selected agent, you have the assurance that the offer will be presented in a way which significantly increases the chances it will be selected by prospective clients. Professional formulation and promotion of the offer is a skill that can distinguish professional broker. Currently, we are in a buyer's market and standing out among such a large number of offers is very important. It is worth to invest in quality.


5.       Comfort.

By signing an exclusive contract, you gain exclusiverepresentative, who with the utmost care, will represent your interests. Any actions which he is taking are designed to optimize your benefits. If you do not have any experience in the real estate market, do not know how many nuances there are, to be sure, that the owner of the property completed transaction safely and advantageously.


6.       Save time.

Customers signing a lot of open contracts are finding out in a short time how absorbing it is to contact so many people who devote their time to take part in a series of misunderstandings and negative appointments. In the chaos apart from waste of time is another serious consequence. There is not one person who has his cool, professional judgment, and would include all the clutter and help you make optimal choices. The more confusion, the more increases the risk of making wrong decisions. It happened many times that customers came back to us with their offers, which "has already  been sold."


7.       Favorable sale conditions.

An experienced broker will negotiate for you the best available terms and conditions of the transaction. Negotiations require knowledge and distance. As you know - the emotions are not conducive to the preferred solutions, and none of us are indifferent to their own affairs. It is therefore advised that tthe negotiations are  led by one selected agent, who can trust and entrust your finance.

8.       Protection against speculative activities.

By using the experience of an agent, you obtain protection against speculative activities. Instead, of number of advisers who are looking to at make their profit and often bring unnecessary confusion, you have a partner who works in order to maximize your profit. This way you are not exposed to the pressure by speculators who use the opportunity to propose conditions far different from those that you can get on the market.


In mature markets, the exclusivity is universal and work with one specific agent is so obvious as to use the services of one dentist, doctor or lawyer.
We encourage you to take advantage of this form of cooperation – it is really worth it!