We encourage you to read the article by Mark Kozubal, published on 16.12.2012 in "Uważam Rze". Please find a fragment below.


From Ożarów to the red sands of Mars


Gold disc with few tentaclesis one of the many elements that make up the Martian rover Curiosity. This little device has been manufactured in  Ożarów’s company.

How did it happen that the device manufactured in our country has been installed on the rover? The company that created the chip, although it is little known in Poland, is well known all over the world for several years nows.

How Nasa approached the company?

They themselves chose this device. In 2005, we were contacted by representatives of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, which cooperates with NASA. They had identified the problem and we have solved it.One of the requirement was thatthe detector should be as small as possible. We have created a prototype of the device, which could then be tested by U.S. scientists. The process of creating a new product and consultation lasted several months - says Dr. Adam Maciak.


Ożarów company now employs 60 people. These are mostly technical physics graduates from the Military Academy of Technology and electronics from the Technical University of Warsaw - adds Dr Maciak.

Among them are people holding professors and doctors titles. Scientists work in modern laboratories (their size is 3 Figure sqm), which are located in the Tarnobrzeg Special Economic Zone WISŁOSAN. Its products are sold throughout the world, the company has sales representatives i,e in the U.S.A., China and Japan.

We supply our detectors to the best-known Japanese brands and are used in machines producing printed circuit boards used in mobile phones - said an employee of the company.The research team consists of electronic engineers and optoelectronics engineers who initially designed and produced preamplifiers for detectors and optomechanical systems. Over time, they developed a new electronic device that allows users to detect people (linear scanners to protect people in high-rise warehouse in Germany) and remote temperature measurement.

Researchers from Ożarów developed high-performance thermographic cameras. They are used to view and measure the temperature distribution on the surface of different, often inaccessible or moving objects.

They are used in construction, using this camera, you can specify the space in your home, where are the greatest losses of temperature. It can be used in the power industry, to determine the place where the temperature is rising dangerously, which could cause a malfunction - describes the Company's employee.

Interestingly, the cameras can also be used in medicine and veterinary.They allow to accurately identify a place where a cancerous process under the skin can develop such as a woman's breast. In veterinary medicine, for example, they are used to determine race horses limb innflamation, they are also used by companies designing and producing horse saddles. This device allows you to check if the saddle does not oppress the horse. This type of  cameras are used in Germany - adds Dr Maciak.